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Handwritten text saying: Julia designs with language

Julia researches, creates and tests compelling and useful copy. 


This website is currently under construction. It will soon include: 

  • Julia's portfolio

  • Free UX Writing resources and templates

  • More about Julia

Content Design

With a background in journalism and marketing, Julia has been designing content for over 10 years. Her passion is creating fun and accessible copy with a systematic approach. 


Julia designs compelling and useful copy with the user in mind – and she'll have tons of fun doing it.

Handwritten text saying: Content Design Ops

Systems are sexy. Julia values a streamlined process - she will nerd out about optimizing workflows and collaboration. 

Handwritten text saying: Content Strategy

SEO to Social and beyond: Julia syncs with stakeholders to deliver a holistic and consistent strategy.

Building a Better World

Words are powerful. They can tear down walls – or people. Julia sees the impact language can have and accepts the responsibility of creating nurturing, accessible copy for all. 

Handwritten text saying: I want to build a world that works for everyone.

Julia believes wholeheartedly: The tiny changes in our tech impact the way we speak and treat each other. By designing language we will build that inclusive world that works for everyone. 

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